2-HOUR POWER Session!

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Join me for a 2-hour Coaching Session.

This session will allow more time, to cover deeper or ongoing lifestyle challenges. These sessions will also allow time to dive into finding your God-given Purpose in life, following healing you have obtained through other sessions. I also recommend this session if you are interested in ongoing coaching, following the 60-minute session. I may even assign you some "homework" to do.

Your tailor-made session will end with powerful Prayer, and whatever the Lord has to say specifically to YOU!

Send me your questions and a detailed description of your circumstance at purchase. Then we can get right to it in our session, spending the majority of our time on solutions and results, rather than going over the details.

*Please no profanity*

NOTE: This is God-centered Coaching and Prayer. ALL ARE WELCOME! If you are NOT a Believer in Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, that is ok, but you must be open to this Faith-based experience, led by God, in order to benefit from this session!


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