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The Right TRAINING PROGRAM That Works Best For YOU (30 Minutes)

How do you create a workout plan? How many days a week should you work out? How long should each workout be? How many different body parts should you train during each session? How many different exercises? How many sets?

Men who have been working out for awhile want to know if they're training the "right" way or how to take what they're doing in the gym to an even higher level. Men who have just started putting more attention on this part of their life just need the structure and plan to get going.

I'll help you understand the simple and effective training strategies that get you going in the right direction with more confidence. I can help you whether you work out in your home gym or in a commercial gym. You'll get a video recording of our time together so can you learn from it over and over again.

Please download the VIDSIG app now so you'll be prepared long before our session begins.

Your Coach,

Skip La Cour
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