Welcome to VIDSIG (hidden)

Once you arrive at VIDSIG.com click the Browse Talent button.

Scroll down to find the Talent you’re looking for or enter the name of the Talent in the search bar at the top of the page and click the red search button.

If you enter your favorite talent and they are not listed you can request them by entering their name and your email.

Once you arrive on your favorite celebrities page scroll down to products. The Talent decides upon the price, time and date of the sessions.

The next step is to select the specific time you want to speak to the talent and enter the questions/topics you want to discuss with the Talent during your session then click ADD TO CART

Once you hit check out, enter your billing and contact information. Details will be emailed to the email provided at check out instructing you on how to download the VIDSIG app (iOS, Android).

Leading up to your session you will receive notifications regarding the timing of your session. We recommend logging into the VIDSIG app a few minutes prior to your session.

The Talent will bring you to the stage once your time begins.

Once the talent brings you stage you will be able to speak to them Live for the amount of time you purchased.