Speak Up, It Works! Spotlight on Sydel Lee Curry

I’ve been a person who has struggled with anxiety for the past several years. I’ve always felt that not many people could relate to me and I was alone. I refused seeking professional help because I did not want to admit something was wrong with me, so I did everything I could to get better through myself, family, etc.

Now that I’m in my third year of college and have a better understanding of my anxiety I questioned, why haven’t I learned more about my mental health earlier? This is because there wasn’t much conversation or awareness happening around mental health. However, what helped me learn more about it was through the world of social media.

Lately, there have been many influencers with a vast amount of followers who have been more candid and outspoken about their experience with mental health. Take, for example, Sydel Lee Curry. She is a lifestyle influencer who is passionate about beauty, fashion, fitness, faith, and most importantly mental health. Through the launch of her website, “A Curry Girl,” Sydel has written blogs about her experiences regarding her passions, as well as giving advice. One is specifically about her way of coping and managing anxiety and stress. Sydel shares several tips that help her, which are journaling, using a diffuser and essential oils, taking a walk/exercise, playing with her dogs, breathing exercises, talking to someone or a professional, or talking to God. Through her social media platform, Sydel has helped so many of her followers, including myself. Simply knowing someone as followed as Sydel deals with mental health issues gives me the strength to speak up. If you’re someone who struggles on coping with any mental health issues and would like to get to know more about Sydel’s strength and tips on coping with anxiety and stress, wouldn’t it be awesome asking her 1-on-1? Check out her VIDSIG page here!

Willingness to share your story on mental health is always challenging and a hesitant step to take forward. But without acknowledgment and awareness on this topic, it makes it tougher to cope. Speaking up and asking for help will only make you stronger and follow the path to healing.

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