My Experience as a VIDSIG Intern

I started interning for VIDSIG in September 2019 and I have been with the company for about 2 months now. I first heard about VIDSIG through my school, Saint Mary’s College of California. Nicole Trenka, an alum of Saint Mary’s, posted on my class page about the opportunity to become a Social Media and PR Intern and I became very interested because I loved the company’s purpose and working with social media is something I want to do as a potential career. Another reason why I’m interning with VIDSIG is that it fits perfectly with my schedule and my transportation circumstances. Julie Cegelski, the person who hired me and overlooks my work, was very understanding and flexible with my situation and still wanted me to join the VIDSIG team, so how could I not reject this amazing opportunity? Most importantly, I took this position because gaining experience and knowledge on what I’m interested in I think will help better my personal and professional life.

I’m a Business Administration, Marketing and Digital Media student with a minor in Communications, so having this position has been very beneficial to discover what career paths interest me. Like I mentioned earlier, working with social media is something I’m interested in, so I have learned how to navigate it much more efficiently and use different social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to my advantage when it comes to researching talents and ways to improve the appearance of VIDSIG’s accounts. This position has also enhanced my writing skills by having to create and personalize emails that I send to potential talents. Most importantly, being a college student with two other jobs, I’ve learned how to manage my time better and experience the ‘adult life’.

What excites me most about VIDSIG and my position is that I get the chance to practice my creativity and research what I am most passionate about. I love the beauty and fashion industry, especially the current world of social media with influencers in these industries. I, myself, am a huge fan of several influencers like MannyMUA, Daisy Marquez, Jackie Aina, and so many more. Overall, just thinking about if I had the opportunity to talk to a person I look up to and admire so much I would be extremely happy and grateful. So knowing someone will have the possibility to feel that way makes me enjoy my efforts even more with VIDSIG.

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