Following Your Passion

“After a good 6 years of designing and decorating cakes, there has not been a single day I have looked back without saying, this gig makes me so happy.” Rosie, as a kid, was always creative doing many things such as writing fiction, making music videos, or baking. Cake decorating quickly became a huge part of her life, and it all stemmed from a passion for baking and videography. Having the ability to connect with a cake decorator from anywhere in the world is something that excites me. You can have step by step guidance to create a masterpiece for any special occasion or even just for fun. If you get stuck on a certain step or certain technique, Rosie will be there to guide you through it. That is the magic of VIDSIG, you are connecting live for an authentic conversation, or even a lesson. You get to learn and connect with professionals, athletes, influencers, etc., that have years of experience.

Rosie got a cake decorating position at a bakery in 2016 where she worked in the industry professionally. There she was trained and was pushing out over 80 shopfront cakes a day. This allowed her to gain not only experience, but also fine tune all her cake decorating skills.

Rosie likes to inspire people of all experience levels to try things outside their comfort zone. “I hope I can help others gain control, purpose, inspiration and empowerment in their lives through cake decorating as it has done for me.” Rosie will be going live on VIDSIG November 20th to answer questions about YouTube, cake decorating, videography, and more. If you want to connect with Rosie be sure to check her out on You can also see her amazing creations on her Instagram @rosiesdessertspot.