Why Skillsharing and E-Learning is an in demand market and How can you take advantage of it?

All of us have interests or hobbies. In today’s age of the internet and the infinite wealth of information available, there is practically nothing out of the realm of learning through places like YouTube or a few Google searches. Literally anything you want to search for leads to endless pages of dedicated blogs, videos, and forums with “How-to”s all along the way.

If you’re like me, most of my wandering mind curiosities can be cured by spending endless hours perusing articles and video clips.

BUT, What if you wanted a little personal 1-on-1 guidance? From a Pro? Someone who makes a living doing what you do for fun? Enter the E-learning Market.

E-Learning is exactly what you’d think it is. Professionals from guitar teachers and English professors connecting live and 1-on-1 with their students.

But we aren’t limited to just the basics!

Forbes recently released an article projecting the world of E-Learning to tip the global economic scale of 325 Billion (yes, with a B) by 2025. Research and Markets, the “Worlds Largest Research Store” places those estimates at around 238 Billion by 2024. Even with variance in their estimates, that’s still a whopper of a market to be in, especially with the growth rate. People worldwide are wanting to gain an edge or just curious in nature (like me!)

One big reason to get a little professional help is to tailor it to your own specific needs. It’s one thing to watch a “Tasty” video with a professional camera crew behind the scenes making a delicious dish, but what if you are just not able to nail that perfect souffle? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a pro give you a few pointers? I mean, nothing ruins a third date faster than a burnt souffle.

Companies like Masterclass and Lynda are the big fish in this growing pond, pulling in the heavyweights of Celebs and Professional Athletes, Chefs, and more. Lynda has the full force of LinkedIn behind them. Both these offer a subscription based platform to have access to their professionally done video courses.

What if you want to actually speak 1-on-1? There’s an app for that (cliche).

Companies like VIDSIG are already tackling that issue. Their growing platform of Celebs, Social Media Stars, Authors, Athletes and more are able to dedicate time that is available for purchase.  Want to improve your basketball 3-point range? Learn from the best! Chris Matthews AKA “Lethal Shooter” has helped the best in the NBA with their shooting range (not dropping names, but I’ll just say an NBA superstar that rhymes with Chef Curry). Check out his page here.

But David, How can I take advantage of it like the title says?? Glad you asked.
Just like every motivational poster and elementary school teacher has ever said, everyone is great at something. Being able to share that skill or experience is something that someone else finds value in. Have a YouTube Following? Are you an Instagram legend? Your fan’s likely want to connect with you!

But David, I’m not a Professional or a Celebrity or Athlete, how can I do it??

Share your skills! Creating a page is easy, simple and straight-forward. Sharing what you’re passionate about or have experience in is a great way to make an impact on someone else’s life (not to mention making your wallet fatter!)

So whether or not your looking to speak with some MLB or NBA legends, your favorite Social Media Stars, looking to improve your health and personalize a tailored nutrition plan, check out the growing list of available talent here.

Ready to jump in with both feet and start selling? Kick that imposter syndrome in the ass and check out the enroll page here!