Claressa Shields - GWOAT

Claressa Shields is the first American boxer ever to win gold back-to-back in the Olympic Games, male or female. Her first Olympic medal was at the age of 17. She has inspired women not only across the world but from her hometown of Flint, Michigan. Claressa has overcome so much adversity including a difficult childhood only to become the best female boxer in the world. Boxing was her way out and she will always remember where she came from. Her record speaks for itself as she is the UNDISPUTED Middleweight World Champion, and is 9-0.  “You put in the hard work and you win”.

Claressa started boxing at the age of 11 and fell in love with it the first day she walked into the gym. She hasn’t let anything slow her down, and she works hard every single day. Claressa has the drive and passion for boxing which is what has made her the UNDISPUTED Champion, and the Greatest Woman of All Time (GWOAT). She said, “The better the fighter is in the ring, the better I perform”. She constantly pushes herself to be better and fight with the best. “I love boxing, I love fighting, I love the art of war, it’s me against you, who better?”

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