Chef Jonathan Scinto - Master of “Cheftainment”

Chef Jonathan Scinto is a Chef, TV Host, Entrepreneur, and Food Creator who has been viewed on two of America’s favorite cooking shows, “Chopped” and MasterChef 6.” Now, Scinto hosts his own TV show called “Family Kitchen Revival,” where he shows how families can heal through the power of food. Scinto’s signature flavors and dishes are a fusion between Italian and Asian cultures, as he likes to call it “Itasion.” Regarding his cooking style, Scinto said he relies on his design background to create the magic of his plates. Scinto’s own words are, “You eat with your eyes, then your mouth, so it’s important to grab your attention at first sight the first bite, I don’t believe in using pre-made ingredients, I use only the freshest herbs and spices to create plates of art”.

Born in Long Island, his childhood was no ordinary childhood. Most toddlers were interested in Sesame Street, meanwhile, Jonathan was interested in watching Julia Child, Emeril Live, Jacques Torres and Iron Chef Showdown in Japanese with Alison, his mother. His mother allowed him to experiment in the kitchen from using the blender to make the strangest concoctions to learning knife cutting skills on his parent’s vinyl chairs. After, Scinto’s parents knew he had a love for cooking that would lead him to great things in life.

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